‘We’ll Be The Stars’: Anime and the Marvel Cinematic Universe

When Disney and Marvel announced a partnership last year, fans of both franchises celebrated with a plethora of anime-inspired merchandise.

The Avengers-themed line debuted last summer and included merchandise for Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, and Black Widow.

Meanwhile, Marvel Comics launched a line featuring its biggest heroes, like Thor and Iron Man, alongside some of their more iconic villains like The Thing, Black Widow, and more.

While the Avengers line has been a hit for Marvel, it has been the most expensive, with each figure selling for $75.

And while it may seem like an expensive toy for a toy, fans were left to wonder whether Marvel would follow up with similar merchandise.

“We have to see if the Marvel Universe is going to go the way of the dinosaurs,” said Andrew Fowkes, founder and chief executive of the retail consulting firm Retail Advisors, who worked on the Avengers and Marvel’s partnership.

“This is a big step, but it’s not necessarily a new one.”

The two companies have been on a tightrope to walk since last June, when Marvel announced plans to produce an animated series.

“The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy are very much part of the Marvel universe, and the way we do things at Marvel is very different from Disney,” said Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige.

“In order to make that work, we need to be able to create the toys and the merchandise that will satisfy all the different audiences that we’re trying to appeal to.”

But the company has struggled to turn a profit since the launch of the Guardians, and it is not clear if Marvel will be able, or if it would be wise, to produce new merchandise for the franchise that could cannibalize the success of its other line.

That’s because while the Avengers are now available for purchase through Amazon, the company does not make much of a profit from its merchandise.

But that hasn’t stopped Disney from continuing to support its beloved heroes and brands.

As part of its licensing agreement with Marvel, Disney has licensed a number of merchandise, including Avengers merchandise, to a number the company believes will eventually make up for the lost revenue from the Marvel movies.

In addition, Marvel has licensed characters from Marvel characters like Thor, Iron Man and Black Panther to a company called Marvel Comics, which has a long history of licensing Disney property, including Captain America.

While these licensing agreements have been popular with the Disney fanbase, they have been a headache for Marvel.

The company’s Marvel Studios line has seen sales decline, even though it has remained profitable, as its movies have struggled to draw a crowd of casual consumers.

“I think Marvel Studios has always had an uphill battle with the fans,” said Fowke.

“It’s an uphill fight to convince the people who are going to buy the Marvel merchandise that you’re not going to be the villain, that you have a story that’s different from what the rest of the world has seen.”

That hasn’t been easy.

Disney has struggled for years to make its products more appealing to consumers.

In 2013, it created the first line of merchandise that featured a woman with a giant hammer in the shape of an X over her head.

It also created a line of toys that featured Marvel characters.

“These are the same products we sold to kids and adults,” said Jim Collins, chief operating officer of the toy company ToyBiz.

“There’s a real disconnect with the kids.”

Even with the successful Marvel line, Disney struggled to keep up with the popularity of the Avengers.

Marvel Studios launched last summer, and sales in August were down by over half compared to last year.

In October, Disney announced it was canceling its plans to make a Thor film and the release of Guardians of The Galaxy.

The decision sparked backlash from fans, who felt that Marvel was trying to sell its movies at the expense of its franchise.

And Disney has tried to distance itself from the films.

While Marvel’s Avengers and Guardians line has sold well, Disney hasn’t exactly been a fan of the brand.

Disney is currently in the midst of developing a spin-off of the X-Men franchise, which is set to debut in 2019.

And Marvel has been accused of being too liberal with its political views.

In 2015, Marvel Studios released a statement in response to criticism from members of the LGBT community over the inclusion of a white actor in the lead role of Iceman.

“Marvel Studios has long supported the rights of all people to make their own artistic choices and to express themselves in ways that align with their beliefs, and we do not believe that our approach is a barrier to diversity,” the statement read.

The backlash from the community led Disney to release a statement apologizing for the remarks.

“Our thoughts are with those affected by these comments and our desire to be open and inclusive,” Disney said.

“However, the Marvel Studios and Marvel Cinematics universes are not the same universe.

In the same way that the characters in our franchises have been created