How to watch anime for women

If you love anime for girls, you’re in luck: you can watch it for free on Netflix.

The streaming service announced on Thursday that it would start offering anime for free this week for all its customers, including those who subscribe to its premium service.

“We are pleased to offer free streaming of anime for all of our Premium members,” Netflix said.

Netflix will start letting customers watch its shows in its new section, “Adult Content,” which includes everything from original series to “special content” that isn’t available elsewhere.

The company says it will also begin streaming shows that are available on Hulu, which currently has a free trial that expires on December 31.

Netflix plans to continue providing free access to its service for subscribers through the end of 2018.

Netflix is also offering free streaming to users who have an account with its premium subscription service, Netflix Prime, and those who are a part of a Netflix Family membership.

Netflix’s announcement comes on the heels of the announcement last week by HBO that it is offering streaming of “Game of Thrones” for free.