How to make a cute, fluffy, and adorable animal crossing meme

A meme that’s become one of the most widely shared online animal videos of all time is based on a very popular and easy-to-understand animal-crossing meme: A giraffe with its tail up and its arms out.

The video, which has more than 11 million views since it was uploaded on April 4, 2016, is the work of two Canadians, and features the animal crossing the English Channel.

The meme is the result of a group of French Canadians who had all had the misfortune to cross the English channel with their dog and cat, and now they wanted to make the most adorable animal-themed crossing video.

The duo, Jean-Pierre and Guy, first created the video when they realized that crossing the Channel is the least common of their crossing experiences.

They had no experience with a giraffe, and therefore no idea how to make one.

They started out by making a small, cute, furry animal with its arms and tail up.

After some experimentation, they decided to go for something a little more challenging.

The giraffe was born out of necessity.

The pair were crossing the channel on a day when it was very cold and snowing, so they couldn’t afford to be stuck in the snow all day long.

So they used the giraffe to demonstrate their crossing skills.

“The giraffes neck is the only part that gets crossed and the neck gets stretched over,” said Guy, adding that it was a challenge for the duo to make it work.

“I’m so happy we got the giraffe and now I can put it on the couch with my dog,” said Jean-Marie, a veterinary technician and husband of Guy.

The pair’s video, dubbed “The girass and the girarion,” is a very different kind of meme.

In this video, a girass appears in front of a girafan.

The two cross the channel, and then, a little while later, they come back and start crossing again.

The videos has more people seeing the video than the girafans, and has also gotten more views, making it one of Canada’s top-ranked animal-related videos on YouTube.

The clip was posted to the Canadian Animal Rights Movement’s YouTube channel in January.

The Canadian Animal Protection Society’s YouTube account also released a video, “Giraffe Crossing,” in February, showing the girabes crossing the river from a lake in New Zealand to the English coast.

In the clip, a female giraffe named Gia appears before a large white dog and walks on her hind legs, in front, with her head lowered and her ears up, to demonstrate that the girass is free to cross.

In a follow-up video, Gia walks on a giraffan, and in the next clip, two other girafants are shown crossing the water from a riverbank to the channel.

Both videos are from the Canadian animal rights group’s YouTube Channel, and have more than 14 million views.

The videos are considered “mainstream” in their countries, meaning they are seen by a large number of people.

“People have been watching our videos for years, and it is getting more and more popular,” said Marc-André Grosz, the group’s communications manager, in an email.

“We have been making videos about giraffa crossing for years now, but the first one was made by the group in January.”

“We want to make more videos like this one, because people watch our videos and are intrigued,” he added.

“It makes us proud to be the first to share it.”

The videos have been viewed by more than 10 million people in Canada, including celebrities and members of Parliament.

In France, where giraffas are still considered rare, the video is also considered a national treasure.

“In France and the whole world, giraffalas are the most famous animals,” said GrosZ.

“And for people to see our video on YouTube is so cool.

We want to keep the giras in the public eye.”