Crunchyroll, CrunchyWorld, AnimeLand announce anime content acquisition deals

Crunchyworld, Crunchylights, Animeland, Crunchies, Crunchyyyyyyy…

We are happy to announce that we have acquired an additional three anime series for our online anime and manga service Crunchy.

The acquisition of these shows brings Crunchy World, Crunchymoon, and Crunchy Anime to our online service and provides us with the ability to expand our offerings to include more content from other anime, manga, and video games.

The acquisitions represent the first time we have had to acquire anime content from outside of Crunchy’s network of partners.

Our goal is to continue to develop the best anime and digital content for fans and to ensure that we’re able to provide a more diverse selection of content for consumers to enjoy, with a focus on quality and quality control.

We also recognize the important role that our partners and customers have in this endeavor.

We look forward to continuing to build on this growth with more acquisitions and look forward for further growth in the years to come.