Asexual anime and wild animals are the new sexy

Asexual people are showing an increasing interest in wild animals and anime as they explore new territory, a new survey has found.

Key points:Asexual people have been exploring wild animals, anime and other entertainment sources as they pursue their passionsAn analysis of the research found that more than half of the Asexuals surveyed have sex with an animalAnalysing the responses of these people revealed that there is a growing interest in these animal-themed entertainment experiences, including wild animals in general and anime in particular.

“I think Asexuality is the new sexuality,” said Asexual People Australia founder and director Jennifer White.

“Asexuality and sex are at an interesting crossroads.

The trend is certainly in favour of the animal-oriented sex.

It’s the next phase of human evolution, as we move away from our natural sexual instincts.”

Analysings of the responses showed that more Asexual participants than the general public, but the trend is still relatively new.

In a survey of 4,000 people, 71 per cent of respondents were anorexic, and the average age was 28.

About a third of people who had sex with animals were heterosexual.

Asexual People say the trend has been driven by the internet, with the internet and social media helping people to find sexual partners.

“It’s a really good way to connect with other people who share the same interest in animals, and wild things, and maybe even a bit of a fetish,” said White.”[An Asexual] person can find someone who shares that interest with them.”

The latest results from AsexualPeople Australia, conducted in late February and early March, show that most people who responded were in their early 20s.

More than half (54 per cent) said they had sex at least weekly, and one in five (21 per cent).

More than one in six (19 per cent), however, said they would never have sex.

The results also revealed that people were more open to having sex with other human beings than they were to having a sexual relationship.

“Most people are interested in having sex, whether it’s with their partner, with another human being, with a partner of the opposite sex, or with other animals,” said researcher Jennifer White, from the University of Melbourne.

“But when we look at the responses, we see there’s this growing interest towards animals and wild places.”

The study is published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.