Why Disney is selling more of its animation to Japanese companies

Disney is getting a taste of what is to come for its animation, with Japanese animation company Viacom buying a controlling interest in Animaniacs from a Japanese animation house, the Japan Times reported on Tuesday.

The deal would mark the first time that Disney, one of the world’s largest animation companies, has bought a controlling stake in a Japanese studio.

The company has already bought the rights to several animation franchises from studios including Viacommando, which produces movies including Princess Mononoke, Princess Tutu and The Lion King.

Viacommare is best known for its animated films, such as Monsters Inc. and Gamera.

It also has the licensing rights to the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows series, including Harry Potter books, movies, television shows and the animated series Harry Potter: Hogwarts.

The acquisition of Animaniac was first reported by the Japan News Network on Monday.

Disney’s animation studio has long had ambitions to buy more animation licenses, according to the Associated Press, and it was reportedly considering a purchase of an entire animation studio in 2015.

Disney has not yet confirmed the purchase, but the Japanese entertainment industry is eager for Disney to buy its animation license portfolio.

The sale of Animamaniacs, which includes Animanias, could open the door for other companies to acquire Disney’s licenses in the coming years.