When You Are the Animal House You’re Talking About

A man who lived in a house filled with animals for years after being rescued from the animal shelter where he was kept for years has been rescued from a cage in the Bronx after a judge deemed him to be an “animal-rights activist.”

Katherine A. Stinson, a retired teacher from New Jersey who has been living in the house with her husband and three other cats since 2015, was arrested on Wednesday after police found her stuffed animal cages containing thousands of dogs and cats.

Stinson was initially charged with misdemeanor cruelty to animals but was later charged with felony animal cruelty, a second felony after authorities found a photo of the woman in a cage filled with thousands of animals, according to the Bronx district attorney’s office.

A judge last week also ordered that Stinson be confined to her home.

“She was in a very precarious situation,” New York City Department of Animal Services spokesperson Lauren L. Johnson told the Associated Press.

“The situation is not good for any of the animals in the cage.

It is very difficult for the animals and for the family.”

The judge in the case ruled that Stacey is an animal-rights advocate who should be able to stay in her home while she appeals the charges.

“This case is not about the animal, it is about the man,” the judge wrote in a ruling.

Stacey is one of dozens of people who have been arrested and charged with animal cruelty for their actions after being caught with a large number of animals in their homes, according the AP.

The AP spoke with two other people who had been charged with animals in New York in recent months, and they also said that their cases were being handled differently.

A New York man was charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty after he was caught with more than 100 dogs in a single room.

A Texas woman was arrested after she was found with more animals in her car than in her backyard.

An Oklahoma woman was charged after she had 10 dogs crammed in her garage.

A Virginia man was arrested for feeding the animals at his home, a neighbor told WTVR-TV in Virginia.

An Ohio woman was sentenced to four months in jail after she admitted to feeding dogs at her home, The Washington Post reported.

A woman in Colorado was sentenced in February to two years in jail for feeding dogs in her yard, according a story by CBS News.

A former Florida man was sentenced after he admitted to having over 100 animals in his home.

Stacy was arrested in the New York State town of Chatham last October after she called the police to say that she had over 100 dogs inside her home and that the animal cruelty charges against her were bogus.

According to the AP, Stacey and her husband were convicted in January of animal neglect.

Stacey pleaded guilty to animal cruelty and served a year of probation.