When animals can’t hide their feelings: It’s time for a new fur coat

By STEVE BROWNSTEINAssociated PressThe world’s greatest animal lovers are rallying behind a new effort to change the world for animals.

The fur coats, designed by Japanese artist Mitsuaki Yuriko, are part of a trend toward making animals feel more human.

They have already been worn by hundreds of thousands of animals around the world, but the fur coats are not currently available in the United States.

“I don’t have a personal connection with fur coats or the fur industry, but I know what fur is, and I want to see it change,” said Yuriki, who lives in Osaka, Japan.

Yuriki’s latest project is a new coat that makes animals feel like humans.

A team of Japanese designers, including the head of Yurikas company, started the project in April with a crowdfunding campaign.

Yurike is working on the coat to make it as human-like as possible.

“The idea is that animals will wear this coat for their own comfort, but for the world to feel like we can,” said Risa Ihara, a marketing and merchandising associate at Yurikes company.

“We want to change people’s perception of the fur and its benefits,” said Ihira.

“For us to change how people see fur, we need to do something different than people,” she said.

Yuri, a Japanese artist, was inspired by the fur coat worn by his Japanese wife, who is an otter.

Yuri said that while many otters wear fur coats for protection, there are many more who do not.

“What I want is for people to change their perception of fur, and for people not to think that fur is dirty or unsightly, just because it is fur,” said Yuri.

“It’s really important to me that people wear fur,” he said.

When Yuri first began the project, his wife said she did not want the fur to be a symbol of her husband’s cruelty.

“But when I got this coat, I felt so much better,” she told ABC News.

“You could feel my husband’s emotions and his love and the warmth and the joy that was felt,” she continued.

“And I’m so happy that it was a part of my husband, and now I have a piece of fur.”

Ihara said she has been asked by her clients to help create a new type of fur coat.

“There is a trend for people who don’t know the fur, to just wear a fur coat and not realize how important fur is to them,” Ihaya said.

“And that is so sad because fur is really important for us, and it is a part that our animals and our people deserve.”

The coat, which is made from bamboo, is a collaboration between the Yuriku company, a local fur trade group and animal rights organizations.

Yuryi has said he hopes it will change peoples perceptions of fur.

“If you wear a coat that looks like a fur, it doesn’t look like a coat, and you don’t think about it, it can be so much more appealing,” said Nara Yamashita, a founder of the Animal Welfare Alliance, an animal rights group in the U.K.

She said the project is not a political statement, but a way to give people more reason to care about the animals in their lives.

“People don’t really want to know how much fur we have, or how many animals we have,” Yamashite said.

The Yurika fur coat is made of bamboo, and is available for purchase through the Yuryis website.