WATCH: Lions Animal Anime News Network Releases a New Movie

The anime news network DC Animation released a new anime on Friday, titled Animal Spirits: A Novel, which centers around a young boy named Chiba who is an animal spirits user.

The anime is directed by Shigeru Mizuki (The Cat Returns, Shirobako) and features a cast of Japanese actors.

The show stars Chiba, a timid animal spirits child who is in love with the beautiful girl of the same name who is also an animal spirit.

She is one of many young women in the world who have become animal spirits users.

The story of Animal Spirits follows Chiba as he gets caught in a bizarre, world-changing experiment by a mad scientist who wants to turn the world into a cruel utopia.

When he gets into a strange situation, Chiba must learn to control his emotions and fight back against the mad scientist, and to save the world from the cruel utopias he has created.