How to make adorable little kittens for your cat

A tiny kitten is not just a cute pet, it’s also an amazing addition to your home.

Here’s how you can make the cutest kitten ever for your pet.


Place your kitten on the bed or mat.

If you prefer, you can place the kitten in a ball or other soft place.


Carefully fold up the kitten and place it on the mat.


Take the kitten to a warm spot and place the paws on the spot.


Place the head on the bowl or other small bowl and gently pull it up. 5.

Place both paws on top of the kitten’s head and place them firmly on the bottom.


Carely fold the kitten back over and place on a towel.


Place a small bowl of water on top and gently shake it. 8.

Slowly add more water until the kitten is full and ready for use.


Repeat until you have enough kittens to cover all of the floor.


You will want to feed the kittens each day for a few weeks to acclimate them to your house.

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