Why Are There So Many Cartoon Animals?

Bob the Builder: We’ve all seen him, the one with the big green face, that’s just been there forever, it’s not like a real creature, but it’s kind of an icon.

You know, you can see it all over the country.

It’s always been there, even back in the ’70s.

But what you don’t realize is that Bob the builder has also become one of our most popular characters.

Bob’s a huge character, so it’s important that we’ve got the cartoon animal characters that are part of that Bob that are going to stand out.

And then there’s a few of the characters who aren’t part of the Bob the building, so we wanted to make sure they were still in the show.

We wanted them to stand as iconic as the other cartoon animals.

There’s a lot of characters that have been part of Bob’s life, but there’s one character who has been around for so long that I think has been the real star of the show: the Bobcat.

So I think it’s very important that they have Bobcat as a part of their show.

Bob the Cat: Bob the cat is the most famous character in the series.

He is the only one who is able to actually travel around and explore the country, and that’s why he’s the main attraction.

Bobcat’s in the middle of a story that he’s got to solve.

He has to find a missing person, and he has to figure out what happened to his cat.

Bob, it was so exciting when we saw him as the first animated character in Bob’s world, so that’s really how I got excited about working with him.

We got to create the character that would be his companion.

He’s the most mysterious of all the Bobcats, and you know, he’s always trying to figure things out.

He really is a mystery, a strange guy.

Bob Cat: So I guess I was the guy that was responsible for Bob the kitten, and then I was responsible of Bob the car, Bob the dog, Bob The Cat, Bob’s wife, and so on.

I really got to learn how to create Bob, how to work with him, and how to interact with him and interact with people.

He was the only Bobcat character that I worked on who was a part-time character.

And so I wanted to learn all the tricks of the trade, how the animators do that.

And I really enjoyed that, I really appreciated that.

Bob The Builder: When we started this job, there were no puppeteers.

So you’re doing the animating.

And they had no animators, so the only way they could animate was to have a puppet.

And the puppet is a little piece of paper that they had to paint, and they’d draw a sketch of Bob on it, and it would be up on a board and they would have to paint it up, and paint it again and paint Bob up.

So it was kind of a nightmare, because you had to put in a lot and a lot to put Bob up on the puppet board, but you had this giant puppet.

It was a nightmare.

So we had to invent all this new techniques to do it.

Bob is so different, and all of a sudden we’re working with these puppeteer characters.

But it was a lot better.

And it’s still a nightmare now, but I don’t know if I could do it all day.

Bobcats are just so much fun.

They’re so cute and cute, and we really got a lot out of them.

And we have these really good actors, so there are so many characters that you get to work on, and Bobcat is a very unique character, and I really love him.

And Bobcats really are part and parcel of the history of the cartoon.

And when you look at Bob the CAT and you look back at the cartoons and see how many cartoons there have been, it really is an amazing piece of history.

So Bob the Bob Cat is so much a part and part of our history, and this is just one of the things that we’re very excited about.