Which anime characters are the most attractive?

A group of college students from Michigan have compiled a list of the most popular female anime characters and uploaded it to the internet.

The “anime poster girls” were inspired by the anime anime “Kiss”, which has its origins in Japan and has been watched by millions of fans in the United States. 

According to the list, which features anime characters from across the anime industry, the most appealing anime characters include: Kizuki Sato, the leader of the mysterious Kizuku Club (or the “Hundred Cats”) in “KISS” Suzuko Mishima, the mysterious “Tsukimono” in “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind” and “My Love Is a Hero” in the anime series “My Life as a Dog” Kazuya Haruno, the love interest in the upcoming television anime “Gorobato” and the mysterious girl in the animated television series “Tetsuwan Atom” Makoto Nagatsuki, the lead protagonist of the upcoming anime film “Kakumei no Miko” and his childhood friend in the TV anime “Dance of the Three Cats” Tsuyoshi Kanzaki, the protagonist of anime series that ran from 1998 to 2006, including the anime film series “Kazuki Kaji” and anime films “Kaze no Ken” and 『Boku no Tsurugi』 Kimi Mizuno, a love interest of protagonist from the popular Japanese anime series, “Romeo and Juliet” and her childhood friend, the female lead of the “Rito” anime series. 

A group of posters posted the list on Facebook on Thursday, with many commenters agreeing with the idea that the list is a cute and sexy list.

Some people commented that the most beautiful anime characters should include animals, like cats, dogs, horses, birds and birds of prey.

Others commented that anime characters that are sexy or beautiful should be included, such as the main character of the popular television anime series Kizuki Kizuna and the love interests of the main characters of anime anime series such as “Gorbobato”.

“I don’t really care if they are cute or sexy or ugly, but if you put a cute girl or a sexy girl or some other animal, that is a different animal,” one user commented.

“If they look cute or they look sexy, they will be popular.”

Others agreed with the sentiment that anime should be popular and that it should include sexy anime characters.

“We should show them cute characters, not sexy animals.

If they are sexy animals, we should show that,” another user commented, adding that she thinks that the reason that anime has become so popular is because it includes sexy characters.

A lot of people are commenting on the list and asking if the anime posters will get in trouble if they don’t make the list.

“If you don’t add an animal, you will get your name on the poster list,” a poster named Kim told The Huffington, adding: “I will not be offended if the poster who put the animal on the wall gets called a liar and the poster that said, ‘Don’t look at the animal, it’s cute’ gets called out.”

A few of the posters added that they hope that the anime poster girls will be inspired by their favorite anime characters, so that they will continue to be popular.