When do you want to play the dog?

Beau animal crossings is one of those rare animal crossings that you just can’t wait to play with your dog.

The dog’s name Beau means “beetle” and the crossing is located on the side of the road in North Bend, Oregon.

The area is not far from the Oregon Zoo, where Beau is known to travel for his favorite activities, such as snuggling with his buddies and playing with the toys he likes to play in.

As you can imagine, it’s not a safe and enjoyable experience for the dog.

But when it’s time to take your dog for a walk, this is where Beu will go!

The animal crossing is a great way to bring a dog to a safe, quiet and safe place to be with his family and friends.

If you’ve ever wanted to play and play with a dog, this will be a great opportunity for you.

Beau is an excellent dog that is affectionate and enjoys being around people.

We’re sure he will be happy to be reunited with his owners.