‘Touhou’ anime news channel to move to UK, UK TV channel says

A UK-based anime news outlet will launch a new anime news service in the UK, the BBC has announced.

Dubbed “Touhoku News,” the new service will include the same editorial staff that the broadcaster previously had.

The new website will be named “Toukoku News” and will also include news about the new anime “Grave of the Fireflies,” the publisher of the news channel said in a statement.

It is being created by Tokyo-based Media Blasters.

In a statement, the company said it is working with UK broadcaster Channel 4 “to bring Touhou News to the UK.”

“We are excited to welcome Touhou fans and viewers to this exciting new venture,” said Media Blaster, the owner of the English-language Touhou Channel.

“Toulouse-san is a fantastic, highly beloved series, and we look forward to helping it continue to thrive in the United Kingdom.”

The Touhou channel was launched in November 2015 by Media Blakers, which also produces and broadcasts the English Touhou series.

The channel, which is not part of Media Blasts’ parent company Media Vision, also produces anime news and videos.

Its popularity among Japanese fans is well known.

The series inspired several television shows and anime films, including the anime series “Gumiho,” “Toushuu,” “Tokyo Xanadu” and “Takaramonos.”