Kiss anime has a lot of cute dolphins

Kiss anime’s mascot, a sea animal, has been introduced to anime fans for the first time.

In Kiss anime, a new episode is about to be aired this week.

The episode features the dolphin-loving protagonist, Akiyama Kaname.

Kaname’s story is about his father who died suddenly while he was on vacation.

Kaname has to go on a hunting trip in Japan’s Hokkaido island to seek his father’s remains.

He is soon discovered by a hunter and the two are introduced to each other.

Kazuya Okada, who is a staff writer for the anime, said Kaname was created to introduce new audiences to the anime.

“Kanami has a new personality, a big nose, a smile, and he’s also the first dolphin-lover,” Okada said.

“He’s cute and is very cute.

So the anime staff felt he was a nice addition to the cast and to the audience.

He’s really cute, too.”

While Kaname is a dolphin, his personality is also similar to that of a cat.

The anime is known for its quirky and unique designs.

The series’ mascot, Akane, has a cat-like look and is also a member of the family.

Akane was created after the first episode of the anime was aired in 2010.

It was revealed in an interview with the anime’s director and voice actress, Atsuko Takagi, in 2015.

The series will be returning for the second season.