‘Dog that walked on water’ captured by rescue group is being released

SAN DIEGO — An Australian dog rescued from a lake in California has been reunited with his owner, his owners said Tuesday.

The animal was named after the fictional character Dog on Water, which features a dog who walks on water.

In a statement from their GoFundMe page, the owners of the dog said he was reunited with the family that gave him up, but that it was “a long and arduous process.”

“We’re so grateful that someone made the time and effort to bring him home.

We know it’s a long process and we’re grateful for everyone who took the time to give our family the strength and support they needed to make it home,” the statement read.

“It’s been a long and difficult journey and we want to thank everyone who has been involved.”

The dog, named Alex, was captured by a rescue group while swimming in the lake, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

His owners, Kristin and John Miller, said their dog was very shy and “didn’t like people around him.”

They said he didn’t appear to be aggressive or possess a violent or aggressive disposition, but said they “had to put him down” to prevent him from getting into trouble.

Kristin Miller, who has three other dogs, said she has rescued other animals, including a kitten, from the lake before.

She said her dogs had been swimming on the lake and noticed a dog walking on the shore.

Kristen Miller said she and her husband were concerned about the safety of Alex, who was not wearing a collar.

Kristina Miller said the family was grateful for the help they had received and that they were glad to be reunited with Alex.

They posted the dog’s photo on their Gofundme page, asking for $10,000 for surgery to fix the damage to his collar.

The dogs owners said they were happy to see him back with them, and added that they plan to bring his other dogs to the rescue group so they can keep him together.