Anime Girls’ Anime Boy – ANIMAX: Animax – Anime Girls’ Animation Boy

Anime Girl’s Anime Boy is a special anime series that was produced by Aniplex of America and directed by Naoko Tanaka.

The series follows a group of anime girls named Animax who have been sent to the world of Anima by the legendary anime boy Toko Aikawa, who has been secretly making them live as animas.

This is a story about how they came to live as animated beings and how they were sent to Anima, the world where anime was born.

Anime Girls are the first of the series, and they’re joined by Animax’ other animas, as well as the young boys who live in the anime industry.

The story takes place in Japan, but some of the characters’ voices are from other countries.

The first episode aired in August 2018, and it’s still streaming on Aniplext.