When I was naked: ‘It was weird’ but ‘it wasn’t scary’ to watch anime in the 1980s

AP I had never been in the same room as a naked anime character before, and I was pretty sure that it would be the strangest thing I had ever seen.

The Japanese animators had created the characters with the idea that if you saw them naked, you’d understand what was going on.

“You’d understand how to be a human being and to be scared, and then you’d get a good laugh out of it,” says Akihiko Ohara, an animator and manga writer from the Japanese island of Hokkaido.

Ohara and a colleague named Shigenori Ikeda went on a naked walk around Hokkaidō, the Japanese town where they spent much of their time.

They spent about an hour in the town’s old library, watching cartoons, and one night, Ohara decided to go back and watch the anime.

“I remember saying, ‘Well, it’s strange, but it’s not scary.’

I was so shocked and shocked I could hardly breathe,” he says.

Ohraya and his colleagues did not want to be caught in the middle of an anime scene, so they left.

But they did not realize they had been watching anime while in the library.

“They were really surprised by how well they understood what was happening,” Ohara says.

They returned to the scene after an hour and found they were still talking about the anime, which they had not seen in a long time.

The characters in the anime were dressed in casual clothes, with only the top half of their bodies exposed.

In fact, some of the characters wore masks, like the ones worn by the ninja from The Karate Kid.

And when Ohrayaras team returned to their hotel room, they found out they had also missed the scene.

“We went back and started thinking, What is this all about?

Why did we miss this?

Why would we not have gone back and seen it?,” Ohrayara says, adding that he did not know whether the anime had been removed from circulation.

He and Ikedas have since written a book about their experience and are hoping to make a film of the experience.

Ohayara and his team are now going back to the library again to see if they can find a copy of the film.

They are also trying to get the original anime released.

“The people who did the anime in Japan, they were so excited to see what was there,” says Ohayaras mother, Toshiko Ohrayas.

“What was so weird about the experience was that they were in the room, naked, and they could not understand why the anime was there.”

Ikedabashi and Ohayaro say that if there is ever an anime adaptation of the Ohrayases experience, they will go back to Hokkays library.

And if there ever is another anime, Ohayakas team hopes to get it on the air.

“There is nothing like seeing someone in the nude in the real world,” says Ikedabs mother, Masako Ohayari.

“It was kind of surreal.”